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Analytical Chemistry


The Division of Analytical Chemistry (DQAN) counts with a highly specialized technical body and modern laboratory infrastructure. It works in innovation projects in companies in the Chemical Technology area, integrating the INT service as accredited unit of the Brazilian Research and Industrial Innovation (Embrapii).

DQAN also performs environmental studies on the characterization and impact of chemical pollutants and on methods and processes of gas emission reduction.

In addition, DQAN offers specialized technical services, such as:

• Preparation of technical reports, for the purpose of tax classification, on the composition, properties and applications of inputs or chemical-based products (organic and inorganic);

• Evaluation and optimization of chemical-based processes by studying the steps and suggestions for improving procedures;

• Evaluation, definition and application of chemical parameters and analytical methods;

• Development and customization of instrumental analytical methods;

• Chemical tests for conformity assessment of products.

The service is available for chemical and pharmaceutical industries, other research centers and governmental agencies, universities, regulatory agencies and individuals. The area also serves as a governmental body in supporting the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office.

The area has three laboratories:

- Laboratory of Analytical Inorganic Chemistry (LAQUA)

- Laboratory of Tobacco and Related Products (LATAB)

- Laboratory of Instrumental Organic Analysis (LANOI)


Weber Friederichs Landim de Souza

Environmental Geochemist, DSc.

Phone: 055 21 2123-1084

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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