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Assessments and Production Engineering

The Division of Assessments and Production Engineering (DEAP) conducts studies on technological assessment of industrial products and processes throughout the country. The vast majority of DEAP’s activities is based on providing legal support to solve technical issues involving disputes between the Union and the Contributors.

DEAP’s activities are: providing services to public and private companies and governmental agencies in the technical evaluation of products and production processes to solve issues related to the tax classification of goods; evaluation of economically useful life of assets due to the impacts of the technological and economic obsolescence; performing technical expertise and evaluation of inputs in the production process; evaluate the need for uninterrupted business operation.

In addition to keeping their structured activities in operation, this division conducts research in the areas of performance and emissions of internal combustion engines; development of measuring equipment; assistive technology and projects in Production Management.

In the Production Management area, DEAP contributes to improving the productivity and quality in private companies and public institutions. It develops computer systems, organizational procedures and consulting with emphasis on Production and Services Management, Manufacturing Management, Project Management and Logistics. Using computer simulation tools, DEAP assesses the sizing and organization of industrial production structures.

Concerning the Research Line of Education and Health Technology for Inclusive School, DEAP performs the development and application of management technologies in education institutions networks, dealing with topics such as Strategic Management, Information Systems, Knowledge Management, Assistive Technology, Mechatronics and Information and Communication Technologies.

This division also conducts tachographs assessments, according to technical specifications of Annex I and II of Resolution no. 92/99 of the Brazilian National Traffic Council - CONTRAN/DENATRAN.


Alexandre Benevento Marques

Phone: +55 21 2123-1074
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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