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Catalysis Laboratory

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The Catalysis Laboratory (LACAT/DCAP) has a widely trained technical personnel and a large laboratory infrastructure for the synthesis, characterization and evaluation of heterogeneous catalysts. With over 30 years of activity, the Lab is engaged in the development of catalysts and process conditions, particularly in research areas related to obtaining synthetic fuels/biofuels, hydrogen and product/chemical intermediates from different raw materials, renewable or not. In this scope, reforming, dehydration, hydrogenation/hydrogenolysis, hydrodeoxygenation, selective oxidation, decarbonylation/decarboxylation and isomerization reactions are conducted. Among the most studied raw materials, ethanol, glycerol, second generation C6/C5 sugars, natural gas and CO2 may be outlined. LACAT’s infrastructure is also available for performing technological studies in support of companies from the chemical and petrochemical sectors, including the development of innovative new catalysts and processes, improving and updating current industrial processes, as well as gathering and analyzing technical information to support the decision-making process for industrial partners. LACAT also has a strong collaboration work, whether in R&D&I projects or the development of human resources with research institutions and national and international education.


Alexandre Barros Gaspar

Head of the Catalysis Laboratory - LACAT

Phone: (21) 2123-1176

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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