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Product Certification

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Certification and its benefits

Certification of conformity is the formal demonstration that a product, properly identified, meets the requirements of specific technical regulations or standards.

This activity has its actions detailed by the Brazilian System of Conformity Assessment (SBAC), which has its own management rules and procedures to regulate the accreditation, certification and training activities conducted by the certification bodies.

The SBAC establishes two types of certification: compulsory and voluntary. Compulsory certifications are those where a regulation states that the company can only produce/market a product after it has been certified. They are based on the risks to the safety of the consumer or to the environment or, in some cases, to the performance of the product, which, if inadequate, can bring economic losses to society. Voluntary certifications are those in which the company defines whether or not to certify its product, according to technical regulations, from the identification of benefits that certification can bring to your business.

The certification is of interest to the manufacturer, the consumer and the government.

To the manufacturer, it provides evidence of a quality assurance of the product that it manufactures, provided by an independent entity. Besides contributing to the increase of the company's competitiveness, it facilitates its access to international markets.

For the consumer, it allows for unbiased product information, improves the selection criteria and facilitates the purchase decision, ensuring the conformity of the products with quality standards established by regulations or other normative documents.

The government serves as a regulatory mechanism for the circulation of certain products that affect the environment and the health and safety of consumers.


INT as a certification body

INT is an agency of the direct federal public administration, subordinated to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication (MCTIC), headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It has a multidisciplinary character that, since its creation in 1921, dedicates its efforts to the development of technologies, with focus on national strategic programs and actions. It’s been 96 years of research, specialized technical services, training of human resources and partnership for the creation of institutions and companies that contribute to the Brazilian technological and industrial development.

Among the services provided by INT there are the issuance of reports and technical opinions in accordance with recognized national and international technical standards and the function of Product Certification Body (OCP). The Institute actively participates in several standardization forums (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards - ABNT, Ministry of Health, MERCOSUR, International Organization Standardization / ISO, etc.), contributing to the generation of national, regional and international standards in their areas of interest and competence.

INT has been acting as OCP since 2001, having been the first federal public body accredited by the General Coordination of Accreditation - CGCRE of INMETRO. To operate in the certification of organic products within the Brazilian Organic Conformity Assessment System - SISOrg, INT has been accredited by MAPA since 2011.

INT acts as an Organic Conformity Assessment Body through the mechanism of audit certification.

INT meets all certification requests, within its competence and scope of accreditation, and there are no discriminatory, financial or any other conditions that limit access to the services provided. The fulfillment of requests for spontaneous demand are not conditioned to the size of the supplier or its participation in any association or group, nor are they conditioned to the number of certifications already obtained as well as to its area of commercial activity (national manufacturer/supplier or importer) .

The certification activity in INT is carried out by the Division of Certification - DICER, which maintains a quality system in accordance with the scope of its activities, documenting its policies, systems, programs, procedures and instructions to the extent necessary to ensure the quality of the product certification services.



The OCP’s actions respect the principles of competence, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality, objectivity, impartiality and independence.

In order to ensure society about the accomplishment of the certification activities, INT, through its director, signs a document where it exposes all its care and commitments in this sense: Declaration of Impartiality - INT.


Conformity Identification Seal

The conformity identification seal, issued in accordance with the rules of a certification system, indicates that there is an adequate level of confidence that a product conforms to a specific standard or other normative document.

The conditions for use of the Seal of Identification of Conformity are regulated by the Inmetro’s Ordinance nº 274/2014.







In the case of organic products, the requirements for the use of SisOrg’s seal are established by IN MAPA nº 18/2014.



 Certified products



How to obtain certification

Any company or individual may request INT to certify its products, as long as they show compliance with applicable standards, criteria and regulations. To this end, INT adopts procedures so as not to prevent or inhibit access to the certification services provided by the Institute.



 2 Figura Etapas da certificação para site REVISÃO PÓS AI INGLÊS


Certification begins with the submission of the application form provided by INT and must be done by a representative of the applicant, accompanied by the documents required for each scope.

The documentation presented is then reviewed by the INT Certification Division for the feasibility of certification.

INT submits a Commercial Technical Proposal to the applicant and, if the latter agrees, a service agreement is established and the preparation for the certification process begins.

For initial certification INT assigns a qualified team and schedules an audit in the applicant's unit. During the audit, nonconformities can be identified, ie requirements of standards that have not been met will have deadlines for treatment.

Depending on the scope of certification, samples of the product are collected and tests performed in laboratories accredited by Inmetro's CGCRE.

Once these steps are concluded, the Certification Decision Meeting is held. In case the result is positive, the use of the Seal of Conformity is approved and a Certificate with the list of products is granted.

According to the scope and characteristics of production, deadlines are established for evaluation of maintenance and recertification.



The costs related to the certification services are charged during the development of some of its stages, according to the conditions and values described in the Price Policy for OCP-INT Product Certification.



Access INT's Customer List.



Rosana Carvalho Esteves

Certification Manager

Division of Certification - DICER

Avenida Venezuela, nº 82, sala 708, Saúde

Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brasil - CEP 20.2081-312

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

55 (21) 2123-1168


Complaints, suggestions and others should be sent via the Ombudsman's Office or Contact Us.





 Guia Certificacao Organica INT CAPA

 To access the INT's Organic Certification Guide, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



New Regulation ABNT NBR ISO 13485:2016

For the adaptation to ABNT NBR ISO 13485:2016 a period of three years was established, since 03/01/2016, date of publication of the English version. In this transition period, the certificates in version ABNT NBR ISO 13485:2004 will be considered valid, for audit purposes, with validity up to 02/28/2019. This expiration date does not interfere with the certification cycle, and deadlines for maintenance and recertification audits will be kept.


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