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Industrial Design

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The Division of Industrial Design (DvDI) operates mainly in research, development and innovation projects applied to healthcare, urban mobility, oil and gas, petrochemical, sports, packaging, sustainability and construction industry, with the support of the main development agencies of the country and different-sized companies.

Its main business lines are: ergonomic analysis of work environment; studies on Human Reliability for the continuous process industry; assessment and project of control centers; development of interfaces for supervisory systems; development of projects using 3D digital human models and systems for capturing human movements; anthropometric and biomechanics research; design for sustainability; sustainable mobility; assistive technology; packaging design; development of products using composite materials for signage sectors; construction and interior design; product design and equipment for the oil and gas sector; hospital medical equipment; 3D printing; development of models and prototypes.

The Division of Industrial Design has two laboratories that support research, development and innovation projects:

- Laboratory of Three-dimensional Models – LAMOT

- Laboratory of Ergonomics – LABER


Marcio Ribeiro Rodrigues de Oliveira

Phone: +55 21 2123-1002
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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